“Nan dimakan aluia jo patut, alam takambang jadi guru”

Arif Abdullah A started to write his ideas since 2005 and fight for it much before, and still continues until now. He came from Minangkabau, born in Jakarta and study in Yogyakarta, worked & lived in Malaysia and now he is currently in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

What technologies means without it values. What humans means without his ethics. What ethics means without his belief to righteous. The truth is absolute, and we just in journey to acknowledge it.

He had been working in industry for +12 years; 3 years managing SME on visual design & printing industries, 3 year as project engineer & consultant, 3.5 years on manufacturing & product engineering-development industries, and 3 years on services industries. The last two of them are World-class Manufacturer and Industrial Leader in their field.

And also, he had been working in 3 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom), working with various society, community, philanthropy and organization for more than 15 years; dealing with peoples; participated, initiated, empowered, enhanced and restructured organization.

A technology mechanics who “crapsy” with the present.
Blended by Islamic Education, Innovation Technology, and Social Awareness…

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