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Abdullah A Afifi

As an accomplished academic and professional, my career has been focused on acquiring knowledge and applying innovative research to address real-world issues. With a diverse background in fields such as engineering, manufacturing, data analytics, and Islamic studies, I am driven by the desire to use emerging technologies to make a positive impact on society, enhance educational opportunities, and deepen our understanding of human experiences.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia, where I was exposed to designing cross-flow runners for Microhydro in the Sialang waterfall with a height of ~50m in Situjuh Batur, West Sumatera. I continued my educational journey by pursuing a Master’s in Product Development and Manufacturing, specializing in Industrial Maturity and Technology-driven Resources (TDR-IM), from Universitas Indonesia. Throughout my academic career, I have been fortunate to learn from and collaborate with esteemed experts in the field, helping to shape my research interests and professional path.

My professional experience encompasses various roles within academia and industry. As a researcher, I participated in publications, conferences, and workshops. I also develop a research ecosystem with IDRIS Darulfunun Institute. In the academic sphere, I am involved in Praktisi Mengajar Programme with KEMDIKBUD, Teachers in PPM Perguruan Darulfunun El-Abbasiyah where I delivered lectures, and helped students in their academic pursuits. In the private sector, I have been involved with Samsung Indonesia as Mechanical Engineer and Mold Expert, focusing on implementing, and evaluating engineering designs and solutions for a diverse range of products and applications.

I have been involved in numerous significant projects with, such as creating integrated solutions, designing an organisational transformation, creating a social business scale-up and developing a dialogue system for enhanced customer support. These projects have not only broadened my technical expertise but also provided invaluable insights into the practical application of technology in various settings and environments. Furthermore, I have participated in several interdisciplinary research initiatives to examine the ethical, societal, and policy implications of technologies.

Presently, I am engaged in multiple theme projects that explore the Learning Society, Sustainability, Regional Economics, Policy Initiatives, NGO Collaboration and Green Energy. As I progress in my career, I aim to leave a lasting impact on the field, mentor future generations of researchers and professionals, and contribute to technology development that enriches lives and promotes a fairer, more sustainable world.

I am available for commissioned work, voluntary involvement, research projects, and public speaking. You are welcome to email me at abdullah14.arif AT gmail DOT com.

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