Global warming, education access, high pressure competitions, social changes need more intuitive approach. Local leaders need to propose their idea to tackles this issues together.

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Disaat kita berfikir politik penuh kompleksitas, ternyata Gibran dan Bobby menunjukkan politik itu yang konon2 ribut bawahnya, asal gak hangus, topping atas banyak pilihan variasi, seperti martabak.

Dari dulu jaman Islam Kemajuan, Islam Nusantara waktu itu konstruktif sekarang radikal-radikul jd kontra produktif, semua ini hanya emblem cemas melihat generasi muda ada tanda-tanda pindah tareqat ato masjid di kuasai kubu lain. Harus hati-hati melerai benang kusut dalam tepung.

Campaigns is always a campaign, not claim as false, more likely truth, even some of it never happen in some other side...
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Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives can be trusted to keep Britain safe. #VoteConservative

Gak ada dispensasi nih karena masih newbie, yang tua aja dapat korting.
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On some point existive nationalism is a disease that seeing others different from existence.
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“People like to think that their nationalism is not as ugly as someone else’s nationalism.” Renowned novelist and academic Elif Shafak sits down with award-winning playwright and essayist Wole Soyinka to talk nationalism, safe spaces, and the role of storytellers in the modern age. Watch Studio B Unscripted here:
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Planting trees is a great solution...
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Bringing dry lands back to life by planting trees 🌳🙌
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